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Monday, 17 September 2012

Scarf Blanket

Since last Winter I have been buying scarves from charity shops (no more than £1.99 each), with the idea of crocheting them together to make a blanket. It was a little tricky to collect these accessories over the Summer, but now that Autumn has blustered in again, so have the stockpiled scarves. 

I've looked out for colours that I love (deep pinks, purples, green and teal), variable textures and avoided those that are really overstretched. Here is the result of my double crochet seaming together 10 scarves so far. I am really surprised how heavy it is:

You can only really see the first 6 in this photo. When I complete this, I'll try and get a better photo up.

The piece, so far, is stretched over a king size bed. I reckon another 5 scarves would give it the perfect drape for a single bed, or for a sofa snuggle blanket - it's really cosy. This is great for upcycling any old, overstretched or no longer worn scarves you may have stashed away. What a lovely way to keep an array of much loved family scarves in use as an heirloom maybe?- You can never have too many blankets!

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